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Hi! I'm Charlie

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I decided to give Charlie his very own page to let you know what a special little guy he is.  He's half Chihuahua and half Daschund as best as anyone can figure!

Charlie is special because I adopted him from Adopt-A-Pet in Victoria, TX.  The day I decided I was going to get another 'baby', I had full intentions of getting a puppy.  I didn't want a 'baby who had loved somebody else first'.  Well....he looked at me through the glass with those sweet brown eyes and wrinkled head and the rest is history.  No, he's not a puppy and he's somewhere between 10-12 months old and if he ever loved anybody else, you'd never know it!

Adopt-A-Pet rescued him from the city pound and if they hadn't, we all know what would've happened to this precious little one.  He was a little shy at first but it didn't take him long to warm up to his new home and it was love at first sight for his 'brother' and 'sister'. He's still trying to decide if the cats are any relation or not!

No one knows about Charlie's background.  Last year, the Victoria area was ravaged by terrible flooding and he could've been a flood victim; he could've just gotten out of someone's yard; or, perish the thought, he could've just been dumped on the streets to fend for himself.

I have always had full-blood dogs in the past because I thought perhaps they would be cuter or smarter.   Boy has Charlie proved that wrong!!  He's a precious little cuddle bug who loves to be held and knows just what to do to bring a smile to our faces....not to mention the giggles.

In closing, please consider adopting your next 'baby' from a shelter and also consider adopting an older dog or cat.  They want to be loved too!  Also, these shelters always appreciate a donation of dog/cat food, toys, collars, leashes, pet carriers and even a few extra dollars would be appreciated.  I paid a small fee for Charlie but he came to me checked out by a veterinarian, had all his shots, was on heartworm prevention and, most importantly, neutered.

Thanks for stopping by and meeting Charlie....he's quite a little guy.  If you want to sign my Guestbook about Charlie, I promise to read him anything you write!

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Victoria Adopt-A-Pet

2308 N. Main

Victoria, TX 77901


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