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Donkey's, Texas Style

Those of you who know me, know that I raise donkey's!  I started off getting one for my birthday and fell totally in love with him.  It wasn't long before I made my mind up that I wanted to raise these fantastic animals.  Besides the glorious heeee-hawww sounds they greet me with, they also behave like big over-grown dogs.  They get very jealous of one another if one thinks another is receiving too much of my attention.  One note of interest, the donkey is the only animal that can make a sound on the 'exhale' and 'inhale'.  Now you have something to add to your trivia knowledge.  Below are the pictures of my longeared darlings.....

boys.JPG (26529 bytes)

Left to Right:   Buster (my first), Gore and Clinton.  They look like they are practicing for synchronized swimming!  Clinton will be the daddy to my future babies and then Gore when he's old enough. Alas, Buster is a gelding.

momrain.JPG (36219 bytes)

My pride and newest joy!   Mom's name is Hillary and she is considered a "large donkey".  Her son, Rain, was born November 1, 1998 and he's approximately 12 hours old in this picture.

rain1.JPG (15439 bytes)               rain2.JPG (21170 bytes)           rain3.JPG (15945 bytes)

These are pictures of Rain at about 12 hours old.  Now you know why they are affectionately known as "longears"!  And, he's got the longest legs I've ever seen.  His daddy is a spotted jack of normal size but I have a feeling he may be larger than his Mom.   At least I hope so!

ninny.JPG (31828 bytes)

Hillary and Rain having a bonding moment!

tipper.JPG (38448 bytes)

This lovely lady is Tipper and she'll be my next Mom....probably in the Spring.  Her baby should be spotted because she was bred to a spotted jack.  Spotted donkeys are fairly unusual and it takes a lot of breeding to finally end up with one with spots.

poquita.JPG (22952 bytes)

Lastly is Poquita....Spanish roughly translated as 'little bit'.  Hopefully she is going to be a Mom by the same spotted jack I've mentioned.  She isn't a miniature donkey but Rain is only a little smaller than she is.  But as with most tiny ladies, dynamite comes in small packages....she doesn't take 'nuthin off nobody!!

I'm raising these donkeys mainly for sale to ranchers.  Donkeys have a natural instinct to detest canines.  A rancher will run a donkey with his herd of cattle to help protect the newborn calves from coyotes and dogs.  Depending on the market, a plain colored donkey will cost between $200 and $300 (spotted donkeys up to $450 or more) but that's a cheap investment when they are protecting cattle.

On the solid colored donkeys, you will find that most are marked with the Cross.  It's a darker color that runs down their back to their tail and then across and down their shoulders.   Legend has it that God marked the donkeys this way because Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and maybe learned a little something about my wonderful Snyder Longear's.

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