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Hi and welcome to my corner of texas.   I have divided my little cyber-space into two sections. 

texas deluxe is my actual homepage.   There you will find a lot about texas, my hometown of goliad, a little bull, a smile, a tear and whatever else I think might prove to be interesting.  i don't think you'll be disappointed if you decide to mosey over and visit for a spell.  Be sure to check out my donkey's.....they love the attention!

Home Sweet Texas is my second site which is nothing but graphics and backgrounds.  I have tried to pick and design items that aren't found on every other webpage so that your page can be uniquely your own.   If you sign my guestbook using my designs, you will be eligible for the award that i will be giving out.

This about covers what I wanted to say on this first page.  Just click on the site you want to visit and head 'em up and move 'em out.....enjoy.....

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rwbptchhrt.gif (1092 bytes) Home sweet texas

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