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  • Texans wish they were as rich as most people think they are.

  • Texans wish Alaska was half its size.

  • Texans wish the rest of the country would realize when they are joking and when they're serious.

  • Texans wish loud, obnoxious people from other states would not claim to be from Texas.

  • Texans wish Alabama would've kept their imported fire ants to themselves.

  • Texans wish Oklahoma would consider another sport besides football.  Crocheting maybe??

  • Texans really do wish they all had an oil well in their backyard.

  • Texans wish non-Texans would stop criticizing the way they talk because Texans are proud of their distinct use of the English language.

  • Texans wish out-of-state people would realize there is a way to start a conversation.  You have to ask about the family, your health and how you like the weather before conducting any business.

  • Texans wish the folks back East could see a beautiful field of Bluebonnets, see a gorgeous sunset and sleep under the stars on a clear, warm Texas night.

  • Texans wish they could borrow Colorado in the month of August.

  • Texans wish everyone knew that it is completely acceptable to wear cowboy boots with a suit.

  • And, lastly, Texans wish everyone could have as much fun and enjoy life as much as they do.

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