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In Loving Memory of Three Brave Men

On October 12, 1999 a 911 call was received in Pleasanton, Texas.  In response to this call, a Deputy Sheriff from Atascosa County arrived on the scene only to be ambushed and killed.   Another Deputy arrived shortly on the scene and he too was shot and killed.   Even before paramedics could arrive, a Texas State Trooper came to the same place and again, the silence of night was shattered by a high powered rifle killing him also.   Dead were Deputy Sheriff's Thomas Monse and Mark Stephenson and Trooper Terry Miller.  All family men in their 30's with young children.  One more retired officer and an off-duty officer came on the scene to help and were wounded.  A civilian by the name of Wendell Munson drove his pickup into this hail of bullets to help and managed to get the two wounded men out but not before his pickup was filled with bullet holes and shot out tires.

The 911 call was made by a Jeremiah Engleton who had been taken into custody the previous night for domestic violence against his wife.  Upon his release from jail, he plotted his murderous plan to ambush the very officer who had arrested him.  His call was deliberate and coldly calculated.  Yes....he's dead.  He took one of the dead officers revolver and shot and killed himself.  When all was said and done, this man single handedly created one of the worse law enforcement killings in the history of Texas.

These men were only doing their duty:  to serve and protect.  In this day in time with police brutality an issue, let us not forget the brave men and women out there who never know when they leave their homes to go to work whether or not they will return.  Remember them when they stop you for a traffic violation that they are doing their duty to protect you and the other people on the highways.  Remember them when you think someone is lurking in the shadows outside your house.  Remember them as family men and women....real people....special people.

Please take the image below to put on your page to honor all fallen law enforcement officers everywhere to show your support.

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Thank you Joyce - I accept this for all lost loved one's.